Exploring the Best Coffee Shops in Oklahoma City

Coffee is an integral part of many people's daily lives. According to the National Coffee Association, there are more than 65,000 branded and independent coffee shops across the United States. In and around Oklahoma City, there are several locally-owned coffee shops that offer unique attributes that make them stand out from the rest. From roasting their own beans to offering unique menu options, these coffee shops have something for everyone.

Let's take a look at some of the best coffee shops in Oklahoma City. Clarity Coffee is located in downtown Oklahoma City, close to the Devon Tower, the Ron Norick Library, and the city and county courthouses. The store roasts its own beans and offers seasonal rotating lattes flavored with homemade syrups. Customers can choose from a variety of flavors such as mint, mocha, pumpkin spiced latte, honey, lavender, cardamom, rose, maple, rosemary, blood orange and more.

If you're looking for a refreshing cold drink, try their cold lemonade or frothy matcha lemonade made with homemade lemonade. Despite its small size, Clarity Coffee is a great place to relax and work independently or collaboratively. Eôté Coffee Company is located in Automobile Alley in front of Parlor Food Hall. They focus exclusively on coffee and espresso drinks with hot and cold options available. Customers can choose from classic espresso-based drinks or try something new like a London Joe (Irish cream liqueur and hot coffee topped with whipped cream) or an Awe Amore (brandy, amaretto, espresso and syrup topped with whipped cream).

They also offer a selection of cocktails as well as teas and other non-alcoholic options. Sincerely Coffee Roasters is located in Midtown and owned by brothers Landon and Layne Ferguson. They roast their own beans and offer custom blends to local establishments such as Aurora in the Plaza District. Customers can choose from espresso drinks, drip coffees, hot teas and more. They also offer unique drinks like blue jasmine lemonade or their current seasonal offering - cardamom matcha. Elemental Coffee roasts its own beans and serves classic espresso drinks, teas, drip coffees, and more.

Beyond its beverage offering, Elemental's food and atmosphere set it apart. With options for vegan and vegetarian diners as well as meat lovers, it's an ideal place for breakfast or lunch. Coffee Slingers Roasters is a fast-paced coffee shop located in Automobile Alley. They offer seasonal flavors such as roasted marshmallow or lavender and blackberry syrups.

For those who don't drink caffeine, they have herbal teas, flavored steamed milk and golden latte. Zero Tolerance has no nonsense when it comes to its coffee and chocolate. Owners Roy and Maura Baker opened their store in the Britton district and roast their own coffee and cocoa to create unique products. They source directly from independent farmers to ensure fair compensation and use milk and cream from Oklahoma-based Red Ridge Creamery. Not Your Average Joe is a small store with a big impact. Awarded this year with the Oklahoma City Mayor's Committee on Disability Concerns Employer of the Year award, the store employs students and adults with intellectual, physical and developmental disabilities. Whether you're looking for a unique flavor or just want to support local businesses in Oklahoma City, these coffee shops have something for everyone!.

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