Is it rude to work in a coffee shop without buying anything?

It also shows your appreciation for the coffee shop and shows that you enjoy their coffee. However, you must follow these rules to be considered a friendly customer, especially if you visit a place regularly. If you sit for long hours without buying anything, you prevent the coffee shop owner from earning money from his coffee shop business. Most coffee shops have a common table where many can sit down to work or study while having a cup of coffee.

Unless you expect the call to last less than a minute, for God's sake, don't take a phone call at a coffee shop. From where to sit to the right amount of time to stay, here's an introduction to how to work in a coffee shop without disturbing everyone. With that said, he told Insider that staff members notice those who stay in coffee shops for hours without making additional purchases, and sometimes that can be frustrating. And sometimes, to be able to do real, focused work without having a cat purring on the keyboard, it's necessary to break with the routine, leave home and work from a coffee shop.

It's obvious why coffee shops are the go-to for teleworkers who aren't affiliated with WeWork. Friedmann also explains to Insider that most staff members don't like customers trying to turn the coffee shop into a full-fledged personal office, mostly because that can irritate other customers. Coffee shops always have enough caffeine, often have Internet access, and are usually quite quiet, but not so quiet as to distract. Coffee shops usually welcome those who want to work, but as a former waiter told Insider, if you're planning to camp in a privileged spot for hours, buying a cup of coffee at the beginning of the shift isn't enough to earn you the use of that attractive property.

Although some coffee shops won't mind allowing you to use their bathroom from time to time, it's best not to make it a regular habit, especially if you don't plan to make a purchase.

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