Exploring the Best Locally-Owned Coffee Shops in Oklahoma City

With Americans consuming almost half a billion cups of coffee every day, it's no surprise that the number of chain coffee shops continues to grow. But there are plenty of other options too, with the National Coffee Association reporting more than 65,000 branded and independent stores across the country. If you're looking for a unique coffee experience in Oklahoma City, you're in luck. Here are some of the best locally-owned coffee shops in OKC that you should check out.

Kindred Spirits is a great place to start, located on the historic, predominantly black northeast side of Oklahoma City. They offer classic espresso-based drinks with a twist, such as London Joe which mixes Irish cream liqueur and hot coffee topped with whipped cream, or an Awe Amore which fuses brandy, amaretto, espresso and syrup topped with whipped cream. They also offer a selection of cocktails, teas and other non-alcoholic options, as well as snacks ranging from ice cream to baked goods and fruit and cheese dishes.Sincerely Coffee Roasters is owned by brothers Landon and Layne Ferguson, who also own ice cream parlors Capitals and Cities. Sincerely beans are roasted at home and offered custom blends to local establishments such as Aurora in the Plaza District.

They offer specialty coffees from local roasters and a variety of local teas. Elemental Coffee roasts its own beans and serves classic espresso drinks, teas, drip coffees, and more. With multiple locations in the city, Elemental coffee has long been a favorite staple in OKC. Be sure to try some of their special mixes when you visit. Not Your Average Joe is a nonprofit coffee shop located in Midtown. They are on a mission to include adults with special needs in creating exceptional coffee.

Order from your window and enjoy the sun on their new patio. The Leaf+ Bean lobby is completely white and has straight lines, with separate small tables giving you the opportunity to speak privately. It looks like a Brooklyn loft or something you'd find in Seattle, not a rural town like OKC. They offer delicious coffee and a wraparound patio. Eote Coffee is more than just a physical building where you can sit down and have an awkward conversation with someone you just met. The owners are passionate about their craft and work hard to show that passion.

Eote means “ends of the Earth”, meaning that they will travel to the ends of the earth in search of the best coffee. Coffee Slingers is one of the best coffee shops in town located in historic Automobile Alley. They roast their own beans which they get directly from Latin America and take great pride in their farm-to-cup approach. They make it the cornerstone of their business. Elemental Coffee is a community-focused small-batch coffee and roaster located near downtown OKC in front of the federal building and very close to the Oklahoma City Museum and National Monument. They have fantastic iced beer, a daily beer and an espresso.

The store itself acts as a kind of science lab where baristas use their advanced training to create some of the best cups of coffee you'll ever try. Vintage Coffee is one of Oklahoma locals' favorite coffee shops for good reason: their coffee never ceases to disappoint. Owners Roy and Maura Baker opened their store in the Britton district and roasted their own coffee and cocoa to create unique products. The coffee tastes fresh and boldly delicious. Holy Mocha Batman is one of Theory Coffeehouse & Juicery's specialty drinks - a sweet mocha with shots of caramel topped with whipped cream and a splash of caramel. This MWC coffee shop makes an excellent cup of coffee but also offers cold pressed juices and fruit shakes. No matter how you drink your daily dose of coffee, you'll find that there are plenty of locally owned coffee shops in Oklahoma City each with their own history, style, and charm - some with their own roasting method.

Awarded this year with the Oklahoma City Mayor's Committee on Disability Concerns Employer of the Year award, Tawbi Coffee employs students and adults with intellectual, physical and developmental disabilities. Flower & Flour Coffee Shop brings together coffee, pastries and flowers for a unique experience. They have two locations in OK offering different varieties of locally sourced specialty coffees from Sincerely Coffee and Prelude Coffee Roasters. So if you're looking for great brewed coffee or mixed drinks in Oklahoma City, be sure to check out these amazing locally-owned coffee shops!.

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